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Ekaterina Fedorova definitely does not belong to the category of people whose biography can be written in few lines. Every year of her life makes a thick book. As if God gave this red-haired venturesome woman the character in the same fiery as the color of her hair. Perhaps it is for her character that helped her transfer all the difficulties she was faced in her life into the diamonds of the precious experience and the real woman's wisdom.

Ekaterina was born in Moscow, but she lost her parents in early childhood, and was brought up in the village by her grandmother, herbalist (herb therapist). And these years that Ekaterina has spent in a village far away from civilization - a single big story. This story about how a little girl learned the secrets of herbs, charms and spells, how she have studied to read the fate on the piece of wood for the village people, on the hands, the eyes, on one's walk. Later Ekaterina moved to Moscow and had to survive in the big city. When she was 16 she became the teacher of dancing - at first for the kids, and later also for adults (she worked as a choreographer in the strip club). She promised her grandmother that will go to University, so it was necessary to return to study the textbooks on economics, and in parallel to get more education...

Ekaterina Fedorova's education and work experience:

  • Studied at School of Astrology by Irina and Michael Kosh in Moscow (Ekaterina was one of the most gifted pupils).
  • Worked as an assistant in workshops and seminars of well-known psychologist and business coach Igor Vagin. Very quickly she became Igor Vagin's partner and together they have presented a joint program for women "Basic Instinct" (a seminar for developing of the art of seduction, development of women's sexuality, disclosure of talent of erotic fantasy).
  • Worked for 8 years in Oleg Frolov's Geisha School as a leading master and as a result - Ekaterina has created her own author's program "Art of romantic relationships."
  • Traveled to places of spiritual power in the Baikal region, the Altai, in South America, Japan, China, Mexico, crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a sailboat ... "Traveling inspires me to create new methods and techniques. As if the ancient sacred place itself, coming into contact with me, transfers its knowledge to me." Each journey becomes a base for the new course for women who want to become the mistress of their destiny and to reign in men's hearts. Such as "Erotic plastic for everybody", "The Art of sexual relations", "Poses in bed", "Erotic Thai Massage", "Tea ceremony as an ideal model of seduction", "Sexy voice magic".

If you ask Ekaterina who were here teachers, you can hear a long list of unusual names of shamans, living around Baikal Lake in Siberia, Mexican sorcerers, Japanese guru and Chinese traditional doctors. But as Ekaterina herself says - "my most great teachers have been the men whom I loved and who loved me!" And that's she - very alive, unpredictable and wise.

Now Ekaterina presents her personal training seminars not only in Moscow, but all over the Russia, as far as in many other countries - Japan, Kazakhstan, Canada, USA, France, Montenegro, Italy, Monaco, Croatia. She organizes her seminars not only for Russians, but for English speaking foreigners as well. She also organizes mystical journeys to the ancient spiritual places, known for centuries as the places, where on can be connected to the source of wisdom of previous generations. Accidentally or not, most of the women after these journeys have got married of got babies.

"I always was devoted to my work, and will be devoted to it..but not only to work!"