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14 мая 2012

Mental diet in NY or is it that much sex in NY the way the say


I am in NY on a business trip. But I cannot think of business although I can think of sex. Sexandthecity. Iwonderhowgoodaretheyinit? My feeling of NY is associated with Samantha Jones and not Carrie Breadshow. Samantha – a free beautiful woman who treats sex like men do and who knows what she wants enjoying a life she wants to live.

It happened this way that I set on a mental diet same day as my trip to NY. I do keep the promises I give to myself. I started on 1 May to easily count 21 day of the diet.

Day 1. One should think only of his own business and direct all his thoughts to himself trying to avoid judging others. Well.. 10 hoursonaplane. No single thought of sex. 10 hours on a plane… either you want it or not you will have to think of yourself only. Butpeoplemakeithard. Theyprovoke to emotional reactions. ButItrytoignorethem. 10 hoursbetweendreamandreality. I tried to walk around the plane but the faces I saw looked so tired that I returned to my seat. I arrived to NY, checked in the hotel. It was almost 6 am in Moscow while NY has just started to live – evening was on its way to NY. I went out to eat something and looked around – the noise around really got on my nerves. I think I broke my neck while staring at the sky-scrapers. I decided that I need to sleep or they will find my tired dead body somewhere on the streets of Broadway… while I need to speak at the conference tomorrow.

I was so angry and tired. Sohungryandthursty. Sosleepy. One of my old friends who departed to Moscow same day I arrived to NY sms-ed me that  I am lucky again – he was poured by rain in NY all of his stay while I came and the sun came out. I smiled at him and fell asleep. NY smiled at me and poured me with cold heavy rain in the morning.

Day 2 and Day 3 of mental diet were a pleasure. On Day 2 one must thank people and world around for every small thing/ on Day 3 one must find only good in people around. Both things I can do easily. On Day 2 I remember this awesome feeling of awakening - that we have a lot to thank this world for – stares of men lost in admiration that we – women - take for granted while being young, for the unexpected on a rainy day sun staring from the sky, for children’s smiles, for passer-by’s advice, for possibility of walking on the roads of another city.

Adventures started right after the conference on Day 2. I was walking on high heels, the sun was shining, my silk grey dress was caught by the wind – you see I am creating the atmosphere for you! I stopped at some place to find out on which Avenue I am and suddenly he appeared. I have no idea from where he appeared. All other days I would not find him on the same place. Thewriterandnovelist. Chemistinhispast. Hedroppeditalltomaketheworldsmile. Hesaidhelikestomakepeoplelaugh. I smiled at him – I heard his words as’ to make people love’. Well, recently I have been very lucky for creative people. Something is definitely changing within me and my life. One more writer of short comedies. We are having a meeting tonight by the way. He asked for my mobile and proposed to have a dinner. I thought coffee at day time would be enough.

On the evening of same day I met a friend of mine for dinner. Thanks to my mental diet I thanked her for her time – in NY everyone is always on the rush. I think it would be interesting to notice her opinion of NY men. She said in NY women are more demanding than in Moscow and it is much easier to get acquainted in NY. I wanna notice as well that NY is full of beautiful men. Iamnotblindafterall.

I woke up at 6:30am next day. It is easy to make it due to the time difference. I put on my favorite sneackers and sports outfit and thought it might be great to have breakfast somewhere  - a nice large breakfast in one of the prominent American cafes –with large sidings of beacon, ham and all that stuff. Happiness. Iwentoutsidearound7am. I was almost sure that NY wakes up early which means there should be a lot of places to eat at 7am. My logic was direct. I walked from 48 to 56th street but still could not find anything. There was not a single café with food. Although there was a sex-shop on my way. Those phony colours of pink and violet looked so dull.. the whole shop looked so shabby that I even did not want to enter. It looked more like a small outlet where you could grab something on emergency case instead of a shop where you could carefully choose something to broaden the pleasure of being together in one bed.

I did not want to have a vibrator for breakfast and walked away. Finally I found a decent place to eat and it was open from 7 am although still very far from my hotel.

The day was quiet busy – I will not get into detail. And it turned out that I would not be able to make a coffee but would make a dinner with B. – which looked more like a date… after receving a tonne of smses from him I went out for a drink.

On day 4 I wanted to fly to Boston to visit one of my friends. Actually he was waiting for me but added somewhere between the lines that he is now leaving with fiancé. Wow, man. Do you remember how cool it was on the parties in LA? IwillnotgotoBoston. Ihavenotime. But who could imagine that you could leave sunny LA for Boston. AmIgettingolder? Are my friends getting older? Trying to settle down somewhere with a nice girl?

I told you – some people do not even need to go out of the room. I woke up on day 4 of mental diet. It is the right day for saying thank you to yourself. But my first thought was that I hate my hotel room. It is close to the elevator and quiet noisy at night and in the morning. I was heavily puzzled with thinking out how I can get out of this room to another one. I checked my work mailbox and realized that I have to work today. I dressed up and wanted to go out for breakfast. When I closed the door I heard terrible noise. I came back into the room and realized that the mirror fell down and is completely done. I closed the door and went to eat something. After that I came back to hotel. After a hundred excuses the guys moved my stuff to a bigger room and promised me free breakfasts till the end of my stay. Well, bewareofyourthoughts. Thankyou, the mirror.

Well, let me now tell you about my meeting with B. He was born in Chicago and moved to NY 2 years ago. Almost from the very beginning he revealed himself as an outstanding personality. Well educated wise and perceptive, interested in everything around – outside America as well. It is free and easy with him. When he finished his Chardonnay and I finished my  Pino Grigio I decided that it is the right time for questions. Sex and the city. Is it all the same like in the famous Sex and the City? B. got excited when I told him that the movie is quiet popular in Moscow and got even more excited after I pronounced ‘sex’ several times. He is absolutely sure in NY it is all the same like in the movie. And the 4 characters of the movie are the 4 main types of women in NY. And if a man and a woman want to have sex in NY they just go for it. As per B’s theory every woman starts from Carrie – hoping for one big love, waiting for some gorgeous rich man. When they get disappointed they turn into Samantha trying to use men for sex and leaving the live they want to leave. After that it is Miranda’s turn – a man on skirt. The worst case from B’s point of view. And the last one is Charlotte – the dullest part of the movie.

I asked him what kind of woman would he be in love with. And he said it should be Carrie who is romantic, believes in love and hopes to live her whole life with one man that she would really adore but this is not enough – ideally she should be combined with the sexuality of Samantha who adores sex knows how to make it and is a strong personality knowing what she wants in life. After that he modestly added that every woman must have some something out of each of the four-  Charlotte and Miranda as well. Well done, B.

I had a strong feeling inside that it is the right time to ask the most interesting question. I asked him how is it all here with sex in NY? Does anyone teach it? Does anyone teach how to make it right? Wow. B looked strange. He looked astonished than embarrassed than interested than he started to asks tones of questions on that. He looked like someone brought him a large awesome birthday cake and would not suggest him even a tiny piece. His eyes started to sparkle. He asked to explain. I explained to the extent I could afford. He said – no. nothing of this kind in NY. He would know if there would be anything. I felt so happy inside – so full of honour for my home country. Even in sex we are the best. He took my smile on his side and asked ‘What about you? Would you visit such kind of courses?’ I laughed. Oh come on be realistic man I am not gonna answer this question. He smiled at me and said he is going to visit Moscow. And promised to ask people around with regard to NY.

Oureveningended. Hesaidgoodbye. I was walking on Times Square wearing high heels and feeling so happy for having this awesome opportunity to leave, to feel, to talk with interesting people and was so full of dignity – for Russians who know good sex.

Sex and the City II

I opened my eyes today early in the morning and realized that it is not the end of my article. Because after the fulstop I enjoyed some more of NY experience.

We were walking around the Times Square after the Chicago musical. Awesome, bytheway. Awesomedancing, awesomesongs. But… the orchestra is on the very scene and the scene is so damn tiny.. and both stars are over 50 of age…but Big Mamma was the best! I adore her I mean it! Strong vocal of strong afro-american lady!

We left the theater about 10pm. OhGodonceagain!? OhGod! I know this feeling inside! I had a feeling that I need adventures.

It was a feeling that the evening only begins. I looked around but there was nothing interesting. B suggested walking around. Iagreed. Andfinallyweendedupinstrip-club. Itturnedoutthatway? Ofcoursenot. Itwasme. Isuggestedgoingintothestripclub. I looked at B. I think even his glasses got wet. I saw he was nervous and suggested him to grab some coffee before we take the final decision. He agreed although it was quiet obvious that the guy had already decided everything – positively. It was midnight at Times Square. He made his final sip of tea and said he had decided on it – he is going with me to the strip club.

It is worth quoting B. “I do not understand men who go to such kind of clubs! Imeantit! Youcanwatchbutyoucannottouch!”

Lace gentlemen’s club in the very heart of Times Square. To enter the club you need to pay 15 USD. Each cocktail is 15-16USD more + 4 USD of tip to the waitress with biiiig bums for each drink. As a gentleman B. took a glass of wine while I took Cosmopoliten – would you expect another drink from me in NY on Manhattan? A lot of people inside – handsome young men with ladies and ….bodies..a lot of bodies around…I looked around and than looked at B – as if naked Adam saw naked Eve for the first time in his life after he grabbed his damn apple of sin.

I young stripper in chip black dress came up to me. Shetouchedmyleg. Ilikedthefeelingbut…Iwasnegativethistime. She walked away and I started examining her. She started dancing for a man right in front of me. Ilookedatherbody– perfect. Breast, legs, ass– everythingisperfect. I am a woman and I do can find something bad in another woman but not this time. The waitress came up to me and I ordered one more Cosmo and asked her for the price – 20 dollars for one song.

I was not really impressed. Well, if I were a man I definitely would. Sherubbedtheplacesrightforthemen. But I am a woman. I tried to feel what a man could feel when a lady is touching him here and there.

I ordered one more drink. And thought it is the right time to tease B. I could not get out of my mind his words “Look I do not understand men who go to such kind of clubs. I meant it. We will not stay long there and I am not going to choose anything there”. I said ‘B do you like anyone? Let’s choose a dancer for you”. Finally he made his choice. Twice, by the way.

At some point of time B disappeared. With my passport, by the way. I looked around and decided that it is the right time to relax and meditate. I took my shoes off and put them on a red arm-chair in front of me. And started absorbing the energy of vice and lust.  B came back.

After 6th Cosmo the world seemed especially charming. And the drinks seemed to become more and more strong.

An Asian came to me. The girl thought I was looking for pleasures. She was nice and a I thought I could ask her a couple of questions. I asked her whether she can make a deep throat. She said she can’t but there can probably be girls who could make it and she can check. I said thanks what is the price – she said about 1000USD. Wow. But she added that there hardly is someone around who could make it. She asked whether I want a dance from her – I said no I was just curious but you answered all my questions. Sheleft.

Bsuggestedleaving. And we left. His eyes sparkled with wild fire…


Well, whatcanIsay? The tiresome business trip turned out to be the most romantic trip of all. I am not about the yesterday’s strippers.

The day before today B and I walked around TS after Chicago and he suggested that I go to Venus in Fur – the awesome play about the relationship of men and women. I thought it might be the right play for me. And decided to go. B said he is not going to join and watch it for the second time but next day suggested buying the tickets.

Like Carrie Breadshow I put on gorgeous new black D&G shoes, black dress, Prada bag and flew to Broadway. Wow! Ilikethewayitsounds! It must be such a great profession – to be a top-tier Broadway actress!

This day was hard. I was pieced off by almost everything. There were so many people outside and everyone would get on my nerves. I came to B. in the evening absolutely pieced off and terribly upset. He asked what’s wrong. I asked him – do you feel the energy of evil that comes from me? He said: No, I have a filter that absorbs and transforms it into positive.

I smiled. And got this feeling of not understanding why I was so pieced off 1 minute ago.

The play was awesome. A victim and a tyrant constantly changing there roles -  perfect in there duality - sort of perfectly supplementing each other. A perpetual point for discussion. People need to try on both roles to feel the taste of real life.

I thought it would be great to get the text. And asked B where to get it. He told me the name of the street.

After the play the night came and I said that I would like to go to some top floor restaurant in NY. We went to Rockfeller center but it was closed. And we chose some distant but beautiful restaurant far-far away. After 2 blocks I got pieced off – I was tired and hungry and these high heels.. and these new D&G shoes…only ladies can understand my feelings in this par. B seemed to be quite happy walking and talking and did not even notice that I am getting more and more silent and more and more depressed. Finally I said that I have to say good-bye. It is high time to pack the stuff for tomorrow’s flight home. It was true. I realized at this moment that it is almost midnight and I did not even start packing my bags. He seemed disappointed but said “Whatever you want’.

We were almost at my street when he suddenly looked up in the sky and said – I completely forgot about Marriot. Let’s go up!

Theplacewasawesome. Idoadmititwasworthvisiting. And at some point of time this rolling restaurant showed the Hudson river and it was so much like Moscow. I thought I would cry! And then it was the right time for strawberries. I am not a shy girl – I took a whole plate.

The place closed at 2am and we left. Ifelthappy. There was a street jazzman on Times Square. Therewerealmostnopeopleonthestreets. Andeverythingaroundseemedtoglitterandsparkle. And B said – you know what? Let’s dance.

And I took his hand in mine and we were dancing on the street at 2am on Times Square listening to the smooth sound of saxophone.

When saying good-bye in front of my hotel B said “Bye, kid. Don’t get lost in Moscow”.

I came to my room. With my legs on a big white bed I said quietly to myself: The tiresome business trip turned out to be the most romantic trip of all.


My morning would be incomplete without visiting sex-shop. I got it. NY is playing this trick on me for second time.

I checked-out from the hotel, had breakfast and realized that have to kill half-day before the flight. IdecidedtogetthisVenusbook. Ireallylikedtheplay. I checked the address that B gave me yesterday and went there. At 24042 street there was a sex shop. Thank you, B – what a great joke for crazy Russian.

I told you I am not a shy girl. I entered the shop with dignity - as large as my decolette on the dress. I  wanted to ask the salesman where there is the bookshop. He looked at me like I was insane.

I looked around and decide to examine the shop. Wow. What a choice of DVDs and accessories for both boys and girls. I looked at my dress, decolette, high heels in lady Gaga style and thought that the place is the right one for me.

I went out to the street, looked around and saw the drama shop. Thank God! I got the book and clasping it to my breast returned to the sex shop. It suddenly dawned upon me that the sex shop salesman may know about the stripper courses.

I came back waving with Venus at his face and said ‘Look! I got the book!” his face was so indifferent. I said “Look, man, I have a question – do you know if there are anywhere around any stripper courses?”

Wow. What a reaction. What a lovely man. His eyes seem to be his only instrument for communicating with this world. He looked at me like I was going to have fun making money in NY. My cheeks blushed. But I would not give up that quickly.

I took a breath and said “Look man I am not going to work or something you know I have a husband and I wanna learn to make him a great blow job. Do you know if any stripper has some kind of programme of this kind?”

He smiled and I felt that he is now sort of feeling sympathy and liking with me and my ‘trouble’. Hesaid‘ nowedonothavethis. I would know if we would have this. But you can google if you want’.

I said ‘ thanks’. Looked around and thought I need to buy something and took the first toy I saw at the cash desk. ‘whatisthis?’ Iasked. Hestartedexplaining. I blushed completely. Said ‘Ok, ok, no need to explain – we will examine ourselves’ gave him the money and went to the door. But he asked me “are you Russian?” I said ‘I feel so ashamed for my questions so please forget me as soon as I close the door’. The door bell rang and I was outside on the streets of Times Square with sunlight and real world with Venus clasped to my heart and with this dick toy that would burn my hands but cheer my ardent mind.

It was high time to drink coffee with some awesome desert.

And then B came and traveled with me to the airport. We grabbed some more coffee. And I took my 10-hour plane to Moscow.